All investment contains risk. The value of tokens in the fund may fluctuate and historical performance is not indicative of future returns. The value of locked tokens valued today does not guarantee an equal value at the time of unlocking or sale. The value of tokens or NFTs is subject to market conditions. Investments are made at your own risk.

All digital accounts are susceptible to fraud. Protect all account login information and do not share with others. Beware of scams or phishing attempts which may occur in various forms, including from bad actors on official Discord pages and social media sites. Employees affiliated with DeFiKingdoms will NEVER request wallet seed phrases or passwords. DeFiKingdoms does not condone peer-to-peer transactions; conduct these at your own risk.

This tutorial is intended as a basic overview of the steps needed to create a DeFiKingdoms account. Transfers of tokens or funds from wallet to wallet carry significant risk if proper steps are not followed. Viewing vendor-specific guides on deposits, purchases, and inbound/outbound transfers is encouraged. Test transfers in small amounts are always encouraged as a best practice.

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Hi! I'm Nolan the Sage. I hear you're headed to the kingdom. Exciting! Let's get you ready for the journey.

Let's Go!

Getting to Know You

To get started with DeFi Kingdoms, you need a few things in order to enter the Kingdoms. A browser (Chrome preferred) with a Metamask wallet extension installed and Harmony ONE tokens in it.

Let me know what you need help setting up!

Browser Setup

To get started, you will need to have one of these browsers installed on your computer. We recommend Google Chrome or Brave, but once you have a browser above installed, let me know and we can move to the next step.



Before you can accompany me into the kingdoms, you will need a browser extension called Metamask wallet. You can click here to download the Metamask extension from their website.

Click the blue download button and, on the following page, select your browser and download Metamask. Follow any prompts to enable the extension and accept security permissions. Once you see the welcome screen, tell me so we can move ahead.


Good! Now that the Metamask extension is installed, we can configure it for DeFi Kingdoms.

Now, this process takes a few minutes, but don’t worry about me. I’ll be waiting patiently for you to return.

Your wallet information is extremely important and very sensitive. If you lose your seed phrase, no one can recover it for you which means that your account, along with your tokens and items, will be lost forever.

Please take the time to create a strong password and to securely store your recovery information.

Now, go ahead and click Get Started. If you had Metamask before, you can select Import Wallet, but chances are you’re new to this, so you’ll want to Create a Wallet. Follow the process to get your wallet up and running and come tell me when you’re done.



Nice job! Do you know your login information and your seed phrase? Make sure you keep them safe!

Our next step is to change some settings inside your Metamask wallet.

This is easy, because I’m going to give you the settings to copy and paste, direct from Harmony’s documentation page. You’ll start this process by opening the extension and clicking at the top where it says Ethereum Mainnet. In the dropdown menu, choose Custom RPC and then copy/paste the following information:

Network Name: Harmony Mainnet

New RPC URL: https://api.harmony.one

Chain ID: 1666600000

Currency symbol: ONE

Block Explorer URL: https://explorer.harmony.one/


Harmony ONE Tokens

In order to play DeFi Kingdoms, you’ll need to own some Harmony ONE tokens. DeFi Kingdoms is hosted on the Harmony blockchain, so you’ll need these tokens both for gas fees (the transaction fees charged when trading tokens) and to convert into JEWEL.

Gas fees on the Harmony network are very low, so even a single ONE token is enough for gas for quite a while; however, you’ll want plenty of ONE to purchase JEWEL and other tokens in-game.

You can purchase ONE on a variety of exchanges. I cannot advise you on the pros and cons of each exchange, but some options to consider are Binance, Crypto.com, or a direct purchase from Harmony’s vendor partner on their website.

Note that if your vendor asks for a wallet address to deposit the tokens, you can get this address from Metamask. By default it’s just called Account 1 and you can copy the wallet address by clicking on it. If the vendor requires a ONE address, you can find yours by clicking the menu next to your wallet address and choosing “View in Explorer.” Once you have acquired some ONE tokens, we can move on.

Harmony ONE Tokens

Still hanging in there, adventurer? We’re making great progress, and DeFi Kingdoms is just around the corner!

We need to transfer ONE tokens that you own into your Metamask wallet so that you can use them inside the game.

If your vendor already asked for your wallet address, they should have deposited the tokens already. You can click on Metamask to see your token balance and skip this step if the tokens are already in your wallet. Otherwise, you’ll need to use the options built in with your vendor to transfer the ONE tokens to your private Metamask wallet.

Each vendor handles this differently so I can’t give you exact instructions. Generally, you’ll select an option like “send” or “transfer,” choose your token and the amount to move, and then enter the target wallet address. If you haven’t done this before and are worried about making a mistake, you can always transfer a small amount first to make sure it works, before moving your full balance. Even I, sage as I am, often do this as a precautionary measure. There’s no rush, so just let me know when you’ve transferred your tokens.


Harmony ONE Tokens

Excellent! Now that Metamask is installed and your ONE tokens are in your Metamask wallet, you can finally enter DeFi Kingdoms. From the homepage, you’ll just click Start Playing and the game will prompt you to create an account name and select an avatar.

You might be surprised to see that you don’t have to create any login credentials. This is because your DeFi Kingdoms account is linked to your Metamask. Any time you log in from a browser that has Metamask installed (and you’re logged in to your wallet, of course), DeFi Kingdoms will recognize you and load your profile.



You’re now a fully established player of DeFi Kingdoms. If you have the time, I would love to show you around. There are already plenty of things to do with more to come. If you want to spend some time exploring on your own, you can come back to me any time for more information on the Bank, Marketplace, Gardens, and more.

Would you like me to give you a quick tour now?

Enjoy your stay in DeFi Kingdoms

No problem! You can visit those tutorials at any time, from the homepage of our website. I strongly enourage you to join our Discord and follow our socials.

To learn more about the game, you can read our white papers at docs.defikingdoms.com.

Thank you for accompanying me today and enjoy your stay in DeFi Kingdoms!