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A cross-chain fantasy RPG game with beautiful pixel art, tokenized resources, and Hero NFTs integrated with DeFi protocols

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JEWEL is the main power token of DeFi Kingdoms, used for gas on DFK Chain, as well as Governance and fee sharing across all realms.

Secure, fast, and with extremely low trading fees, you’ll be earning rewards in no time!

Game Features


Swap tokens (including, and most importantly, JEWEL and CRYSTAL tokens!)


Create an LP pair to get JEWEL-LP and start mining in our Liquidity Farming Pools


Add liquidity in the Gardens to unlock JEWEL token rewards


Earn staking bonuses in the Jeweler.


Every Hero has unique stats, rarity level, and genetics. Two Heroes paired together can summon a new Hero to the realm. Use them to Quest, Summon, and Duel!


Quests provide immediate utility for your Hero NFTs and an opportunity to earn in-game tokens. Heroes earn XP from completing quests that allows them to level up and increase their stats.


Occasionally, Quests will drop rare pet eggs that can be hatched into unique Pet NFTs. Pets will provide support for their Heroes in the form of bonuses to Questing, crafting, and combat.


Duels is a competitive multiplayer card game where players compete for Raffle Tickets that increase their chance of winning prizes. Use your Heroes to play Solo (1v1), Squad (3v3), or War (9v9).

The Royal Scroll

Open the scroll to learn in depth information about DeFi Kingdoms.

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